Everything Works Together For Good

Jack of all trade, Master of none.”

This is how I felt for such a long time. I never had one particular skill that I can call a upon at any given time. I had been a multi skilled individual for as long as I can remembered.

I held so many different jobs and did so many different things that it was almost impossible for me to pin point that One thing that I can use to break out of the crowd.

After I started reading motivational and self help books, I got much more confused and worried. The message I was getting is to pick that one thing you are good at and work that thing. How could I find that thing that makes me tick?

I watched people around me climbed the “corporate” ladder, moving forward while I stayed stuck in small time jobs at places I felt was not adding value to my life.

The truth is I could never stay at one place for too long, I get bored, I out grow very quickly.

I worked at the Front Desk of an international hotel for two years, as a receptionist at a wooden door manufacturing company for maybe 5 months, at an Office Furniture Company for 1 year, at a Stationery company for 4 years, I sold spots on a television programme as a side hustle. I had a commissioned based sales job for a few months ( I walked door to door selling Stationery and Office Products), I was a Management Assistant, A telemarketer, an Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Payroll Supervisor, Admin of a Retail Store etc. WOW, this list can go on and on.
Lots of people I know laughted at me for always shifting jobs and not really meeting my “full potential.”

However, what I have learnt is that nothing happens to you but for you. Along the way I picked up some mad skills that I know I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to learn had I stayed at one job for fifteen or twenty years. I learnt how to understand all different types of people. How to work along with all types of personalities. I learnt about work cultures and how to navigate it quickly.

This many jobs put me in situations and place that stretched me and made me grow. Today, I can stand my own in areas such as accounting, sales, marketing, graphic designs, team building and leadership, in all areas of operation, inventory management, training and staff development.

And its not because I am super talented(hell yes! I am)but it’s because I have the experience and with most of my senior positions I took the time and effort to learn it, even I it meant that I had to pay for classes independently.

Nothing happens by accident, it’s all working together  for your good. I tell you, it may not look like that right now, but let’s talk in 5 years time. That situation or job you are in right now, that you do not really like, I am begging you to learn the pants of this job and network network. Make contacts with your supervisors or that girl/boy who is studying business full-time and working part time (make friends with them). These experiences and people will all create for you a network of support and a back bone from which you can spring forward.

Honour the struggle and don’t complain, instead ask yourself how you can add value to what you are already doing. And when you learn, share, share what you have learnt. Never be selfish about knowledge or it will be selfish with you.

This bit of advise may not sit too well with some people, but what the heck  Рstart reading books ( yeah, you heard me right) reading, expand your vocabulary and your mind. Let me tell you a little secret, I have never travelled out of Guyana. Yet I can have a conversation with anyone from outside of Guyana who speaks English (of course ) and not make a fool of myself. This because of my love for reading , it seems as if I have travelled far and wide. As a matter of fact, I am often asked this question or people assumed that I must have at least visited the United States. The answer my friends is a big fat NO. So start reading and not just fiction but books on other countries and culture.
Success is not something that you pick up by the way, it’s a art form you can create.

Your life is the canvas on which you create. The struggle is your brush. The experiences and lessons learnt is your paint.  Now go create.

Natasha T

Everything is happening for you and not to you.